Trackday at Road America Update

Superbikers2 and ‘Squadra Corsea 2strokeBuzz are hosting an open raceday at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI on Saturday April 26th. It’ll be a great chance for current and prospective racers to get a full day of track time, and for spectators to see them go past more than ten times. NEW INFO FOR RACERS AND SPECTATORS:

When: Saturday April 26 – Gates open @ 07:00 – Track will be “hot”
around 09:00.
Where: Briggs & Stratton Motorplex located @ the world famous Road
America Raceway in Elkhart Lake WI.
Cost: $70 for racers ($60 for track fees + $10 Saturday gate fee) $10 Saturday spectator fee.

If interested in trying your hand @ scooter racing you’ll need the


  1. Oil fill/drain bolts need to be safety wired.
  2. Rear shock bolt (can be safety wired as well) & swingarm need to be

  3. Large frame Vespas need a selector box guard (old motorcycle
    plate and some studs/bolts will be fine)

  4. Scooter free of oil/petrol leaks.
  5. Scooter in sound running condition.

All these things can be taken care of at the track with little or
no preparation. Please email myk BEFORE Friday if you’re planning on
attending and need these items for your scooter.


  1. Full leathers or textile riding suit that zips around the waist.
  2. Full face DOT helmet. Please no full face “flip up” style.
  3. Leather gloves that fit over your wrists.
  4. Leather boots that cover your ankles.
  5. Desire to ride fast in a safe controlled environment.

There might be an extra set of race leathers up @ the track and I
can bring an extra helmet of two if necessary. Again, please email myk
BEFORE Friday if you’re planning on coming up and need something.

Some basic information:

Directions to RA (Enter at Gate 1)

Track map

Local lodging

If anyone needs any other info. please feel free to call Myk at 773 865
1316 (cell phone.)

Hope to see you there!