M.O.D. vs Mods

Andrea sent this BBC report: The British Ministry of Defence (ironically, MoD) is attempting to copyright the Royal Air Force rondel, a.k.a. the “Mod Target.” The british mod fashion industry, including The Lambretta Clothing Company, who are unable to make a single item of clothing without a target, are challenging the MoDs action, claiming the logo is public domain. Funny stuff. Maybe Germany could copyright the swastika and put all all the white power assholes behind bars. Or Russia could shut down Tom Clancy by charging him to use the sickle and hammer.

6 thoughts on “M.O.D. vs Mods”

  1. I could never figure out two things:
    Why would amped-up teenage british dandies ever want to associate themselves with the armed forces anyway, andWhat kind of country paints TARGETS on their planes?

  2. the target are for the people tring to kill them .showing them were to aim

  3. 1) come on, a bunch of effeminate guys in ascots need SOMETHING to make them look tough.

    2) they copied off the French, who, as we all know, love being a target.

  4. So the Mod target is to british kids like the tazmanian devil is to us Yanks?

  5. are they gonna sue the skins for using the union jack and all those saints’ crosses?

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