Thanks Again!

kenmore.jpgThanks to our friends, our baby will have clean underwear. We scoped out washers and dryers and finally got a great deal on a Kenmore front loader set from the Sears outlet store (though the first washer we picked up was broken, which was a drag). Check it out if you need appliances, we got the washer and dryer for the price of the washer alone. Grace helped me build a pedestal (a savings of $120) and Ryan picked it up in his van (a savings of $150, and Ken and Kim let us take the minivan to exchange the washer) so everything worked out great. Thanks again to everyone. I know I’ve been slow lately with the posts, things are kinda nuts, but we’ll be back to full strength soon.

17 thoughts on “Thanks Again!”

  1. I have a front loader exactly three years old and Sears cannot figure out what is wrong with it. I would advise anyone who has one to make sure they keep the service agreement. If not you may end up like me, on the short end of a very expensive stick.

  2. I’m so proud that you brought a front loader, and the same one I used to have before I moved house. I miss mine terribly.

    I hate toploaders.

  3. the stand looks nice. I guess the main advantage of a front loading washer is that the washer doesnt dance around the basement on spin cycle like my top loading washer does.


  4. Front loaders RULE! Way lower water consumption; far gentler on your delicate washables; retro appeal out the arse; hours of entertainment for the small fry. The reason, I’m told, that Americans prefer top loaders is that we don’t like having to bend over to load and unload our washers. Are we a pathetic nation or what?

  5. I have a top-loader that came with my house when I bought it, but long for a front-loader. (Cannot bear to pitch a working washer.) Can I still join the Front-Loaders SC and bring my top-loader to the washing rallies, or is that like showing up a Vespa outing on a Honda Elite?

  6. That’s the most over-engineered washer/dryer platform ever — 2×12 joists that are 9″ on center. The only way we could have built it stronger is if we filled it with concrete. At least I know my comforters and sleeping bags will be safe when I bring them over to the 2SB Launderette.

  7. Ooh ooh! I have the same laundry hamper! Can we change this thread now? I wanna hear about fabric softeners…..

  8. Wow, you got the same washer and dryer as Christine and I have. Really efficient as far as water and energy consupmtion. And yes we’re getting old when we get this excited about laundry.

  9. You are never allowed to let Adam XYL NEAR THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. illnoise: This is the most pathetic thread ever.

    the coolometer on your blog just dipped a bit. cool washers though.

  11. can you tell me what materials u used to build the pedestal and if you have a step by step. I am trying to build one but dont know where to start. It would be much appreciated, thank you

  12. Kelly and I have the same washer & dryer that we bought 5 years ago. Here’s our experience: After 4 years the pump went out, but that’s okay because the replacement pump is right at the front of the washer and is super easy to replace. Oh, it was only $40, too. The cord on the dryer shorted out after 4-1/2 years. Apparantly, if the bolts for the cord aren’t cranked down super-tight, it will heat up the wire and short out over time. Stuff to watch out for, I guess.They’ve actually been great overall. Like they says, easy on power, easy on water, easy on soap (FYI: we rarely buy the HE soap you’re supposed to use because it’s hard to find here in Utah), easy on your clothes.In summa, very good for the price (1/2 of most other front-loading brands) and if it does break, you can fix it for easy & cheap. Sorta like scooters, I guess.

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