Piaggio/Bajaj, together again?

The India Times reported Thursday that Bajaj and Piaggio were meeting to discuss production and technology collaberation. Bajaj produced Vespas under license in the 60s and 70s and has been making their own scooters based on the design of the Vespa ever since. According to the story, Piaggio already has a production plant in Baramati, India. The India Business Standard reported on Saturday that Piaggio India Ltd, with a plant in Surajpur, had merged with Piaggio & C. S.p.A, and will cease production of scooters and now only produce three-wheelers, while the Barmati plant will produce three-wheelers and a new four-wheeler called the Quadricycle for the European market. The story also reports that Piaggio plans to export US $12 millon worth of components from India. Thanks to Patrick from Baron Von Scoot for the lead.

2 thoughts on “Piaggio/Bajaj, together again?”

  1. On further research, it appears “Quadricycle” is the european term for ATVs, so this new product, and Piaggio’s name for it, is probably even more boring than I originally thought.

  2. Piaggio has: world class scooter styling and technology. Could benefit from: Lower production costs to return to healthy profitability.

    Bajaj has: Huge low cost mfg. capability, including monocoque steel scooter bodies. Could benefit from: Italian style and modern auto tran technology to compete against HMSI.

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