Roper/DoT/Aprilia Update

It’s been about a month since I sent an email to the Chamber of Commerce, and I’ve heard absolutely nothing from Mr. Roper. The Aprilia boutique has opened, after hiring their staff through a Chicago Reader ad, and several 2sb readers have reported that they’re just as snobbish and clueless as Vespa boutique employees.

3 thoughts on “Roper/DoT/Aprilia Update”

  1. I saw him the other day. Here’s the play-by-play:
    Me: Hey Jerry, did you get all those emails regarding the Aprilia/Chicago/Scooter parking issue?
    Jerry Roper: I get alot of emails
    Me: Oh, please let me know when you have some additional information
    Jerry Roper: Have you met my son?
    Me: Hi
    He then proceeds to talk to his son about parking.

  2. Oh, well, it was worth a try, Matt. Thanks! Why can’t some scooter company buy me off, just like insurance lobbyists bought off AARP, then I could just forget about all this stuff.

  3. ya he was pretty much a jerk when christina and i went to check out the space. we also witnessed him snub a young black youth who was asking about one of his bikes

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