Moto Morini returns

It’s “Italy: Back from the Grave Week.” Today, AGI Online reports Moto Morini has been brought back to life by the Morini and Berti families. No word yet on products. (Thanks Lucash.)

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  1. No idea, Christian, but you know how Italian motorcycle marques are, a family starts it, then it gets big, then it goes out of business and the state buys it and runs it with help from Ducati for a while, then the family buys it back and sells it to Piaggio, then Ducati buys Piaggio and sells the smaller marque to its Indian subdivision, who makes it under license, then gets bought by the Indian government, goes into receivership, and sells the name to a british clothing boutique. Happens all the time.
    By the way, Ryan reminded me that Morini has made motors all along, it’s just been years since they’ve made an entire bike. I would imagine that the motor company is the subdivision of Cagiva, and the new company may or may not be involved with that. Even a lawyer specializing in italian motorcycle company consolidation could not possibly keep track of the hundreds of joint partnerships, subdivisions, and mergers going on over there.

  2. To add to What David said on the 12th, Franco Morini also make the Benelli 900cc engine (a little known fact) so now have experience of large fourstroke engines as well as the samll two stroke ones they’re well known for (but which are having to be fazed out due to ommission restrictions). Franco Morini have also had, for some time, Franco Lambertini (the designer of the earlier “V” twins) on their payroll, so its obvious where the new designs will be coming from.

  3. Bb. Thanks for the news on this, I just called Triple O Fred to read him this and he was very interested. A Morini K2 is his daily rider in the summer. He had one question though that is not mentioned in the article, should you stumble upon more info. Cagiva bought the namesake and rights to Morini a while back. The article makes no mention if Cagiva released the namesake.

  4. Your idea is right, but facts wrong. Ducati has never had enough money to buy anyone, hell, they can’t even afford a quality control department. They barely scrape by every year. Now Aprilia and Cagiva, that’s a different story.

    The Italian motorcycle and scooter industry would make one hellova confusing, convoluted documentary. But interesting.

  5. Moto Morini are different to Morini Franco. Moto Morini built bikes, were bought by Cagiva and then shut down in an asset stripping operation and then sold off with Ducati. Morini Franco build engines for other manufacturers, were owned by a different branch of the family and several years ago aquired the Moto Morini trademark from Ducati. they now intend to build complete bikes again under the Moto Morini name.

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