Scoot! Quarterly changes hands

After a month or so of rumors of the demise of Scoot! Quarterly, Barry and Casey announced on the BBS that scooterists Josh Rogers, April Whitney and Mike Zorn will be taking over the magazine. Thanks, Barry and Casey for your hard work, and best of luck to the new crew!

3 thoughts on “Scoot! Quarterly changes hands”

  1. You really need to start actually hyperlinking to in every post to get the job, Brooke.
    Oh yeah, and successfully defend your thesis, too.

    Then we’ll talk.

  2. I know. I thought it would automatically do the hyperlink for me.
    I defend in less than 48 hours…

  3. So after the slew of comments on the topic last time Beeb posted something on SQ I’m surprised no one has anything to say yet. Is everyone holding thier breath to see if the next issue will be 4 pages of high gloss photos bound by hand sewn gold thread or 50 pages of newspaper print classified ads? I hope they keep it similar to before (except for more nudity) and wish the new editors the best. Now lets all get off our collective asses and submit some good content. It would be cool if getting an article or letter published in SQ would become a real highlight in ones scootering “career”. Bb, you should submit something and draw attention to 2SB, in turn drawing more attention to and thus resulting in an opportunity for me to get a job in the shipping and receiving department at CP due to the expolsion in plush meat product collectability.

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