New Vespas arrive in USA

A source tells us that 300 Vespa GT200s are currently in Newark, NJ, being prepped, and, that Piaggio is planning to import the 50cc Typhoon as soon as late spring (under $2000) and the X9 as soon as this summer. I hope Piaggio and/or Vespa will bother to show up this year at the Chicago Motorcycle show.

4 thoughts on “New Vespas arrive in USA”

  1. The X9?! You know, when I got back from Europe the last time, I SWORE up and down that if the X9 ever came to America, I would get one. Of all the maxi-scoots that have cropped up in Europe over the last few years, it’s far and away the sexiest looking. (Note to all t-n-g bashers, I just bought a ’58 Lammy 125LD which you can see at the Gotham rally, so please don’t razz me about plugging a twisty, ok?). It just outdoes the competition in the front-end styling department, it’s comfy, big and fast. Hope it finds a home here…

  2. Munny, from what I’ve heard, your chance to see one at a dealer is slim, they’re only allocating three to each dealer and the rest have been pre-sold. Brooke, get off the Zip thing already. Joe, an LD125? we’ll see you in our rear-view mirrors, heh. I agree. the X9 is the best Piaggio scooter right now, unless you count the Gilera Runner. Why, oh why, won’t they bring over the Runner?

  3. Your best bet to see the New Vespa will be to go to the closest “Boutique” and take a peak. I doubt they will be at the Chicago show unless Vespa Chicago sets up. The GT is pretty bad ass for an automatic.

  4. Of their 50cc range, the typhon would be my last choice. But I think it’s a step in the right direction. But they’ll probably screw it up and bring in the 4 stroke 50cc model or something.

    Good new content Beeb.

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