More Kinetic/Italjet info

2SB reader Tom Shaddox sent us an Economic Times of India story about the Kinetic/Italjet deal, he actually sent it a while back but we were caught up in parenthood (our apologies, Tom). This story is a bit more clear and reveals a bit more, Kinetic will become the sole worldwide manufacturer and distributor of the current Italjet models Jet Set, Dragster, Formula, Torpedo, Velocifero, Millennium and Jupiter. All will be outfitted with Kinetic motors. Italjet founder/owner Leopoldo Tartarini will also be involved in future Kinetic design projects.

3 thoughts on “More Kinetic/Italjet info”

  1. So the Scooop 3 wheeler is out. Now is my chance to capitalize on that market. I wonder if Kinetic will get to keep the Honda producing the honda type engines like kymco does.

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