Deliverance III

sherman“Outsider Artist” Chrissy Hyd…er…att designed three fabulous poster concepts for the Atlanta rally based on ideas from the think tank over at She’s presenting them to the club, hopefully, they’ll decide to use all three:


11 thoughts on “Deliverance III”

  1. The Sherman’s poster is trouble. Heh heh heh!

    I wonder what would be the response if a bunch of Civil War reenactors dressed up as Union soldiers and marched from Atlanta to Savannah.

    Would they make it alive?


  2. I like the Peachtree and the Olympic one. Bodi

  3. Peachtree on Peachtree sums up Atlanta… The other two are pooh pooh…


  4. Hehe, choose the Sherman one. Then I can snigger about rhyming slang ;)

  5. Sherman, definitely the Sherman. I, as you know,
    hate the South. I even dislike having to capitalize it.
    Does anyone recall the episode of
    ‘beverly hillbillies’ in which granny refers to
    Sherman’s retreat to the sea?

    Now, CH, can you incorporate the “Jeffersons On Ice” scene from the Kingpin flick onto a poster?


  6. Chrissy, you got it going on like Donkey Kong! and unlike my Donkey Kong line, very original!

  7. I like them all, but the Sherman one is the best! That’s my professional graphic dee-ziner opinion. I think he sported goatee though.

  8. Hey Grace! He had a beard: (click on the “ch” below to see the pic)
    But George Jefferson had a ‘stash so I had to improvise.

  9. I vote for all three….even though my REAL fave is….all three.
    P.S. Come to Atlanta.

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