Timbuk2 Scooter Bag

Ana, who like me, is an unpaid spokesperson for Timbuk2 messenger bags, points out they have a new scooter-print bag. Just in time ’cause Tracie needs one. $80/$100 sounds like a lot, but mine’s probably six or eight years old and might as well be new.

4 thoughts on “Timbuk2 Scooter Bag”

  1. As I have worked in a bike shop for the last three years, I have gotten to know the quality of these bags and they are very fine. Anyone interested in purchasing one should do it without thinking.

  2. Nice. But for those on a budget, try the local
    army/navy surplus store, the swap meet, or eBay
    for a cool ass WW2/Korean war musette bag.
    Rugged, suave, retro, manly and holds several 40’s of Olde English.

  3. I’ve carried my laptop and stuff to and from work in my cages, on my bicycle, and on my scooters for 3 years now in my Timbuk2 bag. It’s amazingly hardy.

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