Mod Chicago Weekender Scooter Show

Kris reminds us that the MODchicago weekender is this weekend, and sent us the details on the scooter show:

I just wanted to remind you and everyone that on June 11th 12th at Delilahs, MODchicago is having a scooter competition with prizes!

This ties in with the MODchicago Weekender*and is at the same time as the*MOD Garage Sale and Record Swap that will be going on Saturday afternoon.

We are asking all interested scooterists to come out and clog Lincoln ave. from 12-3. We*will be awarding prizes for a*number of catagories including Best Vintage, MOD, and Rat Bike. Everyone is welcome. Prizes are being provided by our sponsors*Ben Sherman and*Yellow Jacket Vintage. amongst others.

Delilahs will also be giving every scooterist a FREE pint of beer just for stopping by. An impromptu ride will follow the gathering going in some direction away from Delilahs.

For those of you (DAWN!) saying scooterists in Chicago never do anything, allow me to point out that’s THREE WEEKENDS IN A ROW of Chicago-area rallies, with Slaughterhouse X, Screw City 6, and the Defilers’ rally still to come.

2 thoughts on “Mod Chicago Weekender Scooter Show”

  1. Do mods not have jobs? Why is this in the middle of the day on Friday?

  2. oops, kris had the date wrong, it’s saturday the 12th.

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