Honda unveils PS250

Alex Pelzel writes “Since you’re such a fan of the Ruckus, You oughtta get a kick and a half outta this:” Honda’s N Project follows up their Ape, Zoomer, Bite, and Solo with a much bigger scooter, the PS250. A cross between a Play Pocket Zoomer (aka Ruckus, the only N-Project bike to cross the Pacific) and a Yamaha Riva without bodywork, it’s sure to be a hit with both the Japanese and the criminally insane (available in camouflage, the “new red”). You’re right, Al, we love it! LOVE IT! Also out soon for our Japanese friends: the Honda Dio Cesta, which is Italian for “boring 50cc scooter with a big honkin’ basket in front.”

8 thoughts on “Honda unveils PS250”

  1. I would like that Dio Cesta, but the basket is too small.

  2. “The bike also features a parking brake lever on the front right side that locks and releases the rear wheel brake with ease, effectively holding the bike in position when waiting at traffic lights, stopping on a hill, or parking.”

    Um, isn’t that what your friggin’ legs are for? We were talking about the PS250 last night. We wanted to like it, but there’s something off about it. Like brush bars on an SUV that only goes “off-road” when it hits the mall parking lot. It just doesn’t “inspire jackassery” and “scream personal injury lawsuit” like the Ruckus fuckus amuckus. Maybe I just need to see one in person.

  3. While I agree that the Dio Cesta is a curse o’er the land, the 250 is almost appealing, minus the price tag. I recently purchased two mid-70s Honda dualies and am starting to wonder where function and design should meet on a two-wheeled vehicle. Someone please shoot me dead if I fall to the Dark Side.

  4. I think it rules. I’d ride the shit out of one. And Bryan, I actually got to ride a Ruckus recently…not a real thrill, but fun for a 4T 50cc, and something you’ve got to do at least once. I just don’t understand why they have 2 different tire sizes; they look nearly identical in the photos. That’s one bad “motorcyle” feature that I don’t care for in this design, but otherwise it’s pretty freakin amazing.

  5. This is the most m*thaf*kin ugly scooter I have ever seen. Not only is it ugly (like the Ruckus) but it’s an obvious ploy to cash in on the whole SUV mania–a “rough, off-roadable beast.” I’m sick of the macho uber-fascists who are designing all our motor vehicles, and I’m sick of the jerks who keep buying this stuff.

  6. Bryan, you’re a sick, sick man. I guess that’s why I bookmarked this site…

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