4 thoughts on “Shepard Fairey Vespa”

  1. yeah, nice po$ter…however pla$tic is $till pla$tic no matter how finely dre$$ed.

    …oh, and don’t forget to check out fairey’$ line of obey clothing at an urban outfitter$ near you. $!$!$!$!$!$!

  2. dc rob got it right…Fairey is the ultimate “po$ter boy” for the underground – at least as far as mainstream Kulture is concerned. Sure, he’s done some good work (back in the day), but come on, workin’ for the big corporate money is not subversive; And yes, We’ve all heard the “destroying the system from within excuse” – it’s bullsheeeeit. The funny thing is, everyone kisses his ass and follows him blindly (read: OBEY) because his work is well done…a Shepherd indeed.

  3. I’ve created a monster! 2sb readers have acutally become even more depressing and cynical than ME. Fairey is doing what he wants to do, with the same quality he’s always maintained, and getting paid (I imagine) pretty well for it. Good for him. I don’t know what you guys do, but if someone offered to pay you really well to do something you enjoy, you’d probably take them up on it unless your integrity was obviously at stake. He’s a graphic designer, like me, and he’s fortunate enough to have a distinct style that (marginally interesting) clients (like Urban Outfitters and Mountain Dew) are willing to pay for. I’m sure he’s turned down clients he doesn’t want to be associated with. Fairey, Coop, Shag, these guys aren’t fancy-pants fine-artists and they never claimed to be, they’re illustrators and designers, and they purposefully chose that path because they wanted to be accessible and didn’t want to work at Starbucks. If I could get paid for doing this stupid website I’d be all over it, but I have to shill corporate hockey on the side to feed my wife and kid. Even Steve Albini produces the odd Bush album to pay the bills.

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