Cook County looks to crack down on illegal scooters.

If you check Google News regularly for scooter news, you know that hundreds of municpalities around the U.S. are drawing up new laws regarding the plethora of non-DOT/EPA approved miniscooters that are popping up at Pep Boys and flea markets. While sold for use (and arguably only legal to ride) on private property, more and more are appearing on public streets, and since they’re totally unregulated by the DOT and are often ridden by very young children, there’s a clear need for new legislation and/or increased enforcement of existing laws. The Chicago Tribune (thanks for the link, Patrick) reports Cook County is now looking to specifically ban such vehicles on city streets. If the law is passed, anyone riding an illegal miniscooter could be fined between $200 and $1000.

2 thoughts on “Cook County looks to crack down on illegal scooters.”

  1. Minnesota is starting to move (glacially-speaking, that is… it is winter here after all, at least until July 2nd, for a few days) on what have been termed “go-peds” up here (thankfully! I was a little annoyed with them being referred to as scooters (my snobbish moment, I admit)). Personally, I hope this state regulates them tight, because if I have to have all the licensing and insurance for my ride, they should, too. I have no idea how they are emissions-wise, either, but it does not look good from my vantage point.

    There was nothing worse than having some tweener come zipping around a corner on a residential street, through his stop sign, right up next to me one day last year on one of those “motors on a stick” (another Minnesota thing – everything is on a stick here. Why? I don’t know… not a native). Worse than those, I think, are those mini-choppers with the ape bars.

    Okay, I’ve ranted. Thanks. Back to the regularly scheduled serious comments…

  2. We helped our city council here in Tucson do the ban. They were going to regulate them, but when they saw right on the box that the scooter-things came in that they were not intended for rinding in the street, they decided to ban them.


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