New Milena photos

Just in case you didn’t notice, “batch six” is up. I now realize the batches roughly correspond to months, she’ll be six months old a week from today. I have a schload of photos at work I keep meaning to upload, so batch 6a is coming soon. Milena nicknames now include: Millie, Millicent, Millenia, Laney, Lana, Miss M, The M-Train, Booger, Princess Booger, Boogersnot, Drooley, Poo Machine, Smelly, Goober, Goober Pea, Mama, Cutie-Pie, Chick, and Chicky. She’ll answer to any of those.

4 thoughts on “New Milena photos”

  1. Didn’t anyone get a picture of Chris Winters snuggling with Miss-T?

  2. That is one beautiful child. She obviously got more of Vina’s genes ;)

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