GRO’s Electroscoot

Electric scooters, usually a heavy battery and a rubber belt jammed into a Chinese faux-Vino frame, don’t generally wow us here at 2sb, but GRO Design’s Electroscoot is an amazing design, even if it is just a concept and its specs don’t really set it apart from other electric bikes. But one can dream. (link courtesy Motoblog, where you can see photos without waiting for Flash.)

4 thoughts on “GRO’s Electroscoot”

  1. Who ever said flash was a good thing?

    It seems like a nice clean design, but clearly a design for the designer rather than to actually make any object like that for any actual person to actually use in any real way.

  2. Looks like something from the Michael Graves collection of Made-in-China “finery” in the Kitchen appliances section of your local Target.

  3. I’m still waiting for a good electric scooter. It’s a little sad actually because in many ways the scooter has the potential of being the first practical mass market electric vehicle. Unfortunately most of the attempts to date haven’t gotten the battery/speed/quality issues right yet. Some of the Vino clones were close but the quality wasn’t quite there. A scooter is light weight enough and it has a low center of gravity to handle all of the batteries that have to be carried around.

    I’m waiting for the Vectrix hybrid scooter that Joel Martin was helping market. That one has potential.


  4. I’ve read good things about the Vectrix, but what we really need is something that technologically AND aesthetically makes a huge impact, at a price that encourages everyone to go out and get one, The iPod/Vespa/Walkman/RAZR of electric scooters. I don’ think the Vectrix is going to be that.

    Maybe the problem is that it’s hard to top the good old bicycle. In Chicago, anyway, it’s easier (and faster) to ride a bike than to wrangle an electric bike. We actually have an eGo that’s been gathering dust in our offices for a few years. it’s nice enough, but most $200 bikes have a better suspension and brakes, and it weighs as much as a scooter.

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