MetroSpecial Stella

Metro Special StellaIn the spirit and tradition of 1960s dealer specials like Andre Baldet’s “Arc-en-Cielâ€? and Eddy Grimstead’s “Hurricaneâ€? Vespas (both very well-documented in issue 48-49 of American Scooterist), Cincinnati’s Metro Scooters has revealed their “MetroSpecial.â€? Strangely, there’s nothing on their site about it, but the one they gave away in the WKRP raffle appeared to be a stock silver Stella with custom rims, racing stripes, and a windscreen. The brochure from the rally says it’s available in tangerine, red, and mint as well.

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  1. Cool beans – I have been waiting for someone to do this. When is someone going to make a “Touring” kit one with a trip odometer and tach and factory cases? Put me down for one.

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