Harley invades China, ignores Harley riders.

Today, Harley opened their first dealership in China (per-capita income: US$1,200). From the BusinessWeek story:

A handful of Hogs have been on Chinese highways for the better part of a decade, piloted by the likes of Qin Huan. He is a longtime Harley owner, and founder of the Beijing Chrome Horse Motor Club. His group today provides service for Harleys, but Foley says the club won’t be an authorized repair shop.

That treatment has angered Qin, who thinks the company is being narrow-minded when it comes to loyal customers. “I believe Harley is more about culture than business,” he says. “Without the culture it stands for, Harley loses its meaning.”

Sound familiar to any US scooter shops that were around in 1998? (Thanks, Lu$ for the link, and Brooke for the analysis.)

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  1. The real question is: Who is Juan and what does he have against regular chickens?

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