“Mini Skini” throws Canadians for a loop

Mini Skini
Speaking of scooter pranks, another April Fools’ joke slipped past us while we were at the WKRP rally: Mini of Canada announced the “Mini Skini,” (more images)a scooter version of the BMW Mini. Many Canadian news agencies and Mini fans were fooled, despite the “dual airbags” and “all-wheel-drive.” A full-size mockup was created and photographed, a lot of effort for a one-day prank. (The mighty Scooter Scoop, once again, scooped us.)

8 thoughts on ““Mini Skini” throws Canadians for a loop”

  1. That’s fugly, what’s up with the seat, looks like it’s on backwards. Scary that people wanted to buy one based on those photos. And that’s a full-size prototype? With its goofy cartoon proportions it looks like it’s made out of Play-Doh in miniature to me, about the size of a Christmas tree ornament.

  2. I think it’s a great design. That headset is really bad but the seat and floorboards are parallel to the ground and it would likely have a great riding position. It looks compact, low to the ground and has no extraneous crap hanging off. I’d give a green light after a handlebar redesign. But I may be biased as that mock up is actually a dressed up Honda Aero 80 (Lead 80 outside Nort ‘merica). The Aero is one of my all time favorite scooters. The lines at the base of the floorboards, the anti-dive leading link fork and the 3 spoke two-piece rim hub wheels clearly give it away. http://www.jacksscootershop.com/images/Honda_80/Aero_red.jpg

  3. I thought it could have been based around the Kinetic Milano (yes, there was a plastic automatic Milano long before the TnG) but that angle of the rear floorboards and the battery hatch just below the front of the seat make it surely Aero.

    Just confirming that I’m a nerd.

  4. Brooke, your knowledge of “the lost generation” of scooters (between ’85-’98) is as impressive as it is useless.

  5. Haha… The Mighty Scooter Scoop, he says… I think you meant “the ADD powered” Scooter Scoop.

    Lots of great participation here.
    2StrokeBuzz Rocks!

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