Return of the 5-speed Vespa transmission

The newest Scooterworks mailer offers a 5-Speed Transmission Upgrade for the Vespa P-series and late-70s largeframes. I remember talk of a five-speed kit that was available in the early nineties, but I haven’t seen one for sale in the last ten years. It’s not my bag to tamper with Piaggio’s genius, but if you’re the type who insists his amplifer “goes to eleven,” order now.

4 thoughts on “Return of the 5-speed Vespa transmission”

  1. Hodge had one he blew it up fast but, then again that is Hodge not normal rider


  2. I’d want to buy about 4 shifting crosses for back up.

    But I think it would maybe be something useful for a stockish p200. Something with maybe just a cylinder kit and stock exhaust. Also, with a rider that has a smooth clutch hand. I bet they broke a lot because of nutcases at the throttle in too much of a hurry to shift from 1st to 2nd on their way to the next stop sign.

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