State of the Buzz Address

Hey, 2SB readers! Bryan here… As you know, 2strokeBuzz has been pretty dead for a while now, I got kinda disillusioned with scootering a few years ago and even with the addition of Matt and Brooke, we’ve only been posting sporadically. Ironically, in the meantime (with a lot of help from friends and mechanics) I’ve […]

50% off at Veloce on World Book Day

We generally dig Veloce Publishing, they have several great scooter and microcar books. They’re a bit more expensive than we’d like, but March 1 is World Book Day and Veloce is offering 50% off any book. We’ve reviewed their Lambretta LI, A-Z Scooters and Microcars, and Vespa Buyer’s Guide, and we’re currently reading their Caring […]

Lambretta Elitism Extends to New Levels
at Jet 200

Once again I’m drinking alone and reading Facebook. I just read about the new service offered by Jet 200 to re-magnetize Lambretta flywheels. I inquired if it was open to Vespa flywheel re-magnetization. The reply of ‘no’ was soon delivered. So I guess if you are one of the ‘cool kids’ with a Lambretta you […]

The Who Sell Out (Again)

A few years back, Lambretta Clothing teamed up with The Who to reissue some of the band’s Mod-est attire, including the famous parka from the cover of Quadrophenia, pre-stenciled for your convenience. Apparently Lambretta marketing contracts aren’t worth much these days, so with a new Quadrophenia CD/DVD “Directors Cut” box set coming out, they’ve switched […]

Scooters of the Apocalypse

“If you’re one of those people who find James Joyce’s “Ulysses” too long and lacking in pictures” of vintage scooters, Alister Kitchen’s Scooters of the Apocalypse comic book is available now from Createspace or Amazon. It looks great, we’ll definitely be stocking a copy in the 2strokebuzz bathroom library.