2sb drops the (soccer) ball

Gooners vs Barça?

For those two or three of you that come to 2strokebuzz for soccer coverage, I apologize, I’ve totally lost track of soccer in the last couple weeks. Yesterday, Matt, of all people, informed me that the US national team, with the World Cup a mere seven weeks away, was ranked fourth in the FIFA rankings, an all-time high. (I don’t know about that, I’ll be surprised–but ecstatic–if they make it through the group round of the World Cup.) Then today my boss, of all people, told me Arsenal beat Villareal in the first leg of the Champions League. I’d totally forgotten about the match. If Arsenal can beat or tie Villareal in Spain next week, they’ play in the Champions League Final against AC Milan or Barcelona (Barcelona won the first leg, in Italy, 1-0). On top of all that, the MLS season has started and I haven’t even mentioned it, I’ll post about the Fire and their new stadium soon.