4 thoughts on “Israeli scooter racing photos”

  1. Another country that has a selection of scooters that puts the options available in this country to shame.

  2. There are exceptions, but goddamn, modern scooters are pretty ugly. And racing is like a sunset, it’s something cool that just doesn’t translate very well to photos, you have to be in it to be thrilled by it. I’d like to see videos, or better yet, videos taken by the helmets of the riders, then it wouldn’t look so silly.

  3. I dunno, I thought these pictures were pretty dramatic as far as scooter racing pictures go, maybe because the bikes are all colorful and there is generally a pack in every photo. MASS was always like four rusty grey bikes a quarter lap apart… “there goes Smallwood… (a minute passes) there goes Bastianelli (thirty seconds) Mykrrr…”

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