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vwc_card.jpgLo and behold, the VWC has a website already. The logo is revealed (a ho-hum rehash of the 50th annivesary logo, and where’s the “cog!?”) as is the organizational chart and a “Statute” outlining club rules– in Italian, though the rest of the site is available in “Italiano (Italia)” and “English (United States)”, aka the correctly-but-oddly-translated “Piaggio English” we love so. It’s happily been taken for granted that current national clubs (indluding the Vespa Club of America) have been listed as VWC affiliates. The “Activities” section, where one would expect to find an international rally calendar, instead lists competition events, perhaps they’re standardizing the gymkhana for international competition? A login promises a photo gallery, forum, and, er, blogs, as if there aren’t enough scooter blogs. (The one you’re reading is one too many).

4 thoughts on “Vespa World Club Website”

  1. I guess the lack of a cog is their attempt to get away from the FIV.

  2. Maybe it’s a way of symbolically getting away from the geared scooter?

  3. I can see why they’d want to do something different, but the logo is uninspired and mainly just the 50th anniversary logo (which was sort of uninspired itself, and ten years old). With their history of great design, both industrial and graphic, I’d hoped for better, especially since it will grace the cover of American Scooterist each issue.

  4. Yeah, that’s one of the most shit logos I’ve ever seen from a large corporation (same design team that gave us the “new” Long John Silvers and Red Roof Inn identities?) Even the type sucks.

    The 50th anniversary logo was bad enough ten years ago, now it’s just terrible. Sorry you have to work with that Bryan, I feel for you (I used to work for PETA, who also have a terrible logo).

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