Scooter lamps

Google News is giving us nothing but a hundred more “Vespa 6oth anniversary” and “Scooters get 60mph” wire stories, so how about some home decor tips? Check out these nifty Lambretta and Vespa lamps by Italian designer Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi. It does not appear they’re for sale, but now you have the idea, you can make one and clear one more milk crate full of spare parts out of your garage.

5 thoughts on “Scooter lamps”

  1. Lamponi? c’mon. you got nuthin’ for that gem?

    But isn’t that a lambretta embellished horn cast on the vespa lamp. you know someone would say something like that.

  2. “you know someone would say something like that.”

    Yes, I knew so. And I believe you just did, sir.

  3. A good use for Vietnamese parts? Pretty damn cool actually.

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