Bajaj sidecar antics, starring POCPhil

Bajaj wheelie!

Rossi is allright, but he’s no Phil Waters, who sent us his tips for scooter sidecar jackassery, in this case featuring a Bajaj/Scooterworks sidecar combo:

  • 3-wheel-skid: “With a 120 lb. rider we achieved full 3 wheel drift with a reasonable amount of control. Note the tire stripes on the entire parking lot.”
  • Stoppie: “We completely “Stoppied” a sidecar rig (with the back tire a foot off the ground).” [no video of this one-2sb]
  • Wheelie: “More dangerous than you’d think– If you try it from a dead stop or anything other than a left-skid it pulls too strong to the right causing you to simply ‘drive around’ the sidecar and nothing goes airborne… but you do end up running into whatever is to the right of you.”

Video from POC’s Avon Lake Ohio City testing ground: clip 1, clip 2, clip 3. (right-click to download)

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  1. Brooke, don’t even tell me you prefer RealPlayer. Weirdo.

    I think those videos are iPod-ready but since stupid apple abandoned Firewire on the new iPods, I can’t copy it until I get home where i have a $50 USB2 card that crashes my computer all the time. I’m no Apple apologist, see? But that doesn’t change the fact that WMV and Real suck it.

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