5 thoughts on “Ghost Rider”

  1. i vote for stupid. flying motorcycles (not to mention riding up sides of buildings) is WORSE than flying R2-D2.

  2. i vote for “interesting”.

    Looks like a comic-book take on, which makes the flying motorbikes a little bit more tolerable and understandable.

    and the lady in the trailer has a very nice posterior.

    I will probably go see it.

  3. It’s based on a comic book character from the 70s who was redone as something more postmodern in the 90s. He’s possesed by a demonic force and his motorcycle is supernatural. Cage is known for being a huge comic book fan.

  4. I have to confess being a bit of a Marvel fan myself. I enjoy most of the movies based on comics of his…but I have to say, maybe this one could wait until DVD release…there is that posterior though…

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