Peter Moore’s US scooter shop tour

Girlbike reports that Vroom with a View author Peter Moore is on a booksigning tour for the next week, stopping at Scomo (VA), Scooters Originali (NJ), Vespa New Orleans, and Erico Motorsports (Denver) in the next few days.

3 thoughts on “Peter Moore’s US scooter shop tour”

  1. I wonder if he’s in the employ (or otherwise compensated) of that vespa PR company?

  2. Don’t think so, I’m sure he has his own PR people. He’s doing a variety of shops, not just Vespa dealers.

  3. Agh, always nice when an Aussie gets famous (well almost) inthe US! Well done Peter, great read. I hope lots turn out to get a signature on their ‘Vrooms’

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