SHXII is on, needs your help

Screw City Scooter Club will continue the Slaughterhouse Rally tradition this Labor Day weekend with Slaughterhouse XII. There’s a planning meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 6/6/06) at 8pm at the Cobra Lounge, 235 N. Ashland Ave. Stick around to hear the cheery melodic tones of Cealed Kasket, Soul Collector, and Crunch the Clown (Can you tell Kathy planned the meeting?). Note: If you’re new to scootering, nothing can build up your scootering street cred like helping to plan Slaughterhouse.

2 thoughts on “SHXII is on, needs your help”

  1. Yeah, I totally wasn’t thinking about the fact that a place like the Cobra Lounge would be doing something Very Metal on 6/6/06. The Cealed Kasket thing was just announced yesterday. If anyone wants to come by, please email me at As of right now, I’ve only heard from people who can’t make it. I certainly don’t want to sit around eating awesome shepherd’s pie and drinking $2 PBRs all alone…

  2. We’re going to have to postpone this meeting due to my being the only person who can definitely make it tonight, and I can drink beer at home alone for free. As soon as I have a new meeting date, I’ll let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience (for anyone who actually could make it tonight besides myself). We’re definitely getting together soon, for anyone who’s still interested. If you need to get a hold of me, my email address is in comment #1.


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