Super-cheap Michelins

Scott Baxter noticed that Motorcycle Superstore has Michelin scooter tires at ridiculously low prices: Our favorite tires, the S83 and the S1 (usually $40 and $50) are $10 and $12, respectively. Stock up! Nevermind, they’re rejecting orders and saying it was a “pricing error.” Whatever. The truth is that some jerky blog posted about it and they couldn’t keep up with demand.

4 thoughts on “Super-cheap Michelins”

  1. Be careful when ordering from these guys…I just placed an order for the tires mentioned above and they hit me with a handling fee that was nearly 50% of my total order price.


  2. It also occurred to me that tires do have a shelf life, and these could be very old stock. But who knows how old the tires from other shops are? And some of these models aren’t too old to begin with.

  3. My order for 2, S1s was canceled due to a pricing error.

  4. yep, they’re all coming back cancelled. I blame 2strokebuzz for overhyping it. I shoulda kept my mouth shut.

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