New garage alarm can send text messages

If you don’t happen to have a webcam in your garage, this might be handy: British company Nobells sells a $550 self-contained, battery-powered GSM Alarm System for garages and motorhomes. If the alarm senses motion, the alarm can send a text message to up to three cellular phones. The alarm runs on AA batteries and doesn’t require a telephone or electric connection.

3 thoughts on “New garage alarm can send text messages”

  1. Cy, being a british ex-security-system-installer, might have some more insight.

    I can see it now, my garage texting me every night with “Kat Klub 10:00, K?”

  2. That’s pretty cool, and cheap too. I haven’t heard of them being standalone before like that, but the technology for alarm systems using text messaging has been around and in use for a good 4 or 5 years now.

    It was used as a backup in case the lines got cut – it could still send signals out to the security company/monitoring station/police

  3. Yes it works ok I have had one in my home for about a year and the new model has a quad band modem so it will work anywhere in the world where there is a network signal mine has’nt false alarmed once except when my mum let herself in.
    if anyone wants to know more just email me at

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