M1 takes 2sb Cup

M1 1:1 Spiny Norman a.e.t. 5:3 PSO
I haven’t really felt like talking about it until now, but So1oSC founder, and non-soccer fan Mike Durso (aka “M1”) won the 2strokebuzz Cup. (Here’s Mike and his Italian flag smallframe Vespa). At least some good came of it: Lu$ sent a game allowing us to relive the final seconds of Zizou’s career. After the game in our mostly-Italian neighborhood, people were driving around waving their flags and honking, and I just wanted to put on some mime makeup and a beret and slowly drive around in a Citröen, listening to Jacques Brel and looking sad. Maybe that should be Mike’s prize; a beret and a Jacques Brel CD.

3 thoughts on “M1 takes 2sb Cup”

  1. I’m a convert now that there’s something in it for me!

    Mime is money. So I’ll be by this weekend, Bb! at least i saved you the shipping costs.

    I think we need to go to the old “# of corner kicks” to win the game rule. Or the golden goal..

  2. I have to say that I do hate PK settling a game. It’s like deciding a basketball game with a free throw contest. Or baseball with a home run derby. Just wrong. Settle it on the pitch.

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