3 thoughts on “Tant pis, Zizou”

  1. I corrected your post, it’s “Golden Ball” not “Golden Boot,” which is actually kind of funnier, because he probably actually does have gold-plated testicles. The Golden Boot (despite Zidane’s pretentious golden cleats) is awarded for most goals in the tournament and it went to Miroslav Klose of Germany.

    In any case, Zidane will get even richer from his participation in EA Sports new “Vinnie Jones’ Backyard Hooligan Football Pro-Wrestling” for PS3 (Region 2 PAL-only). “Triangle-Down-Down” is a Wayne Rooney Crotch Stomp, by the way, but you need the steroid level to be 100%. And if you beat Paolo DiCanio eleven times, you unlock crazy-bearded Eric Cantona.

  2. My only regret is that Zizou didn’t take a leak on him afterwards.

  3. The irony being, that they will be the only people with enough money to be able to go and buy a PS3.

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