Musi ousted from PiaggioUSA

2sb has learned that Piaggio USA Vice President of Marketing, Federico Musi, has been replaced with an ex-Harley Davidson executive. We’re unable to find an official announcement, but Pontedera must have been wondering about Kymco sponsoring Amerivespa and the high-profile dealer snafus in Chicago and elsewhere.

8 thoughts on “Musi ousted from PiaggioUSA”

  1. Great, so now instead of shoddy management that can’t seem to connect with it’s customer base, can’t seem to support its dealer network, can’t seem to maintain parts supplies, and can’t seem to keep “lesser” brands in the market despite existing support for their product (ie Thanks for killing Derbi a**holes, didn’t you see the sales figures for the GPR50? The potential in the GP1?) and whatnot, they’re hiring someone with experience in increasing sales in everything *but* actual vehicle sales. More T-Shirts, Key Fobs, Vespa brand Lubricants and Calendars for EVERYONE!

  2. Musi was probably figured out as an imposter to the throne. Never seen such poor marketing. Lemonade stands in the hood have better marketing than this bum had. Anything/anyone/mykitchen sink would be better. My marketing is simple…. $500.00 OFF ANY NEW VESPA LX50 IN STOCK!

    self-serving? yes… call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for dinner!

  3. This guy in the hood near my house sells Sno-Cones on his porch. He’s got something lke 20 flavor bottles. I can’t even think of 20 flavors you could make a Sno-Cone. I’m guessing he just mixes up the regular flavors and gives them crazy names. I keep meaning to stop sometime and try one.

    I’ll allow you to spam, just this once, zeph, because some day I’m going to need your help to write my book about PiaggioUSA.

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