11 thoughts on “Genuine Blur 150: a first look”

  1. I like the color scheme. I like original designs. I like novel technology. But overall I don’t like it. With all that extra space created by the less than stepthrough design they could have lowered the floorboards and leveled the seat. Instead it’s just more superwedge ergonomics. I understand that it’s PGO rather than Genuine’s design. But I’m just saying…I’ll have to check in out in person.

  2. yeah, I’ll post more later, but as Ryan pointed out, it’s sort of a shame that the orange bit through the middle is disguised as a section of frame (not so much on this style, it looks more so on the PGO color scheme because it’s painted in an aluminum color) and it’s a bit hard to get your leg over (still easier than a motorcycle, of course. But I’d never hold that against a Gilera Runner, so I won’t hold it against this. The floorboards/seat/ergonomics were great, for me anyway, you’re taller than me.

  3. The wedgetastic ergonomis of many scooters is lame at any height. I think it takes sitting on a lot of scooters to feel the difference. I may be taller than you but I prefer a smallframe vespa to just about any scooter ever made.

  4. It was pretty decent with exception of the cramped foot area. Decent performance from the ride I took

  5. Sorry… that maniacal laughter you hear is me counting down the days ’til I get my hands on one of those little beasties.

  6. I rode this today. It is pretty fast wasn’t able to top it out on city streets. Really good front brake. I thought that the rear brake still fades a bit, but no nearly as bad as the Buddy. Nitro is right about the floor area, just enough room for my size 11s. The gauges are easy to read. The storage is huge. On initial look it is seems really long, but I think it is because of the tank filler on the floor.

    So many new scoots to ride! People 125 s, Xciting 500, big wheeled tgb. I really want to like the People S, maybe it will grow on me.

  7. my impression: if extreme nacho doritos made a scooter baby with mountain dew – it would look like the Blur. Total book by cover judgement.

  8. I decided yesterday that the review will be called “Modern Scooters Aren’t Rubbish” so I have dibs on that joke. I’m sorry for the delay, it’s been another ridiculously crazy week. It will be finished soon, definitely over the weekend if not sooner.

  9. Wow. Talk about disappointment. I first saw the PGO Gmax 150 in the front window of Oleanders Cycles in St. Georges Bermuda. I thought it was the sexiest scooter that I had ever seen. It fit my body nicely, and although I couldn’t drive it (I didn’t have a Bermudian motorcycle license), I immediately fell in love. It was metallic red with silver accents. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I then found out that PGO Canada intended to import this scooter to their country with a 200 cc engine. The level of excitement rose. I couldn’t wait for Genuine to start selling the bike. We’re talking serious lust here.

    The posting on this site has caused instant depression. I realize that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but Genuine’s styling makes me nauseous. Orange and gray? How gross! It’s enough to make me toss my cookies. Plus, the Genuine logo on the side looks incredibly tacky and tasteless. Further, the word “blur� on the side look as if some kid silk screened the word there. I don’t know why Genuine didn’t just import the Gmax as-is, like the other countries in the world. I can’t begin to tell everyone how depressed I am by this development.

    To see what I’m talking about, look at the pictures on PGO Canada and PGO International’s web site.



  10. Sigh is right…I was looking at these shovels the other day and they were painted blue. I mean, BLUE! OMG

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