Kymco Venox 250 review

Total Motorcycle’s exhaustive review, with several rider opinions of the Kymco Venox 250 fake-cruiser thingy. I don’t understand the need to disguise a bike as something it isn’t, but the testers liked the Venox, and if it keeps newbies from buying a 1300-cc cruiser until they learn how to ride, good for Kymco.

5 thoughts on “Kymco Venox 250 review”

  1. They get a lot of attention. I worked a powersports (atvs, sleds, hillbillies etc) a few years back and you’d have thought we had bikini clad models hanging around the booth. It has it’s few aspects that seem a bit embellished (no not seem, are) but it clearly appeals to a segment that’s needs aren’t met with the uninspired small displacement cruisers from yamaha and honda. I’m not so sure they sold really well but the people that would come in to see them were serious. That’s not always the case with scooter shop tire kickers. The 250 market in general is under served. I can’t quite bring myself to say that it’s to bad that the venox doesn’t find more buyers, but in general I think it’s a very fair offering for the price. Note Hondas Nighthawk. 234cc of boringness. Their rebel is just as bland but ugly only like a cruiser can be. It’s sad they took the nighthawk and actually purposely made it worse for the american market. I mean, c’mon, they sell it with a front disc brake for the rest of the world. And in colors. It’s like they’d break some rule by selling a useful bike that people would like to use on a daily basis.

  2. That’s how i feel, it’s about time the 250 segment is finally being served, but i’d rather they made cool 250cc bikes rather than junior versions of bigger bikes. Even the Ninja 250, which is cool, is sort of shunned as a ‘poseur bike’ and made just for beginners who don’t want to start out with a harley or sportbike. That’s cool, i guess, but I’d rather see a 250cc bike that’s original and something to get excited about on its own merits, rather than being a stepping stone. I’ve been perfectly happy for ten years on 125 and 150cc scooters, I’m still not even sure why they make motorcycles over 500cc.

    That, and I just hate cruisers of any size, ha.

  3. Im not a cruiser fan, but i rode BVS’s Venox for a while, and I was pretty happy with it. It got my drunk ass up to 75-80 pretty quickly and fit me, at 6’1′, very nicely. It was embarrassing to ride, but was not nearly as hideous looking as the Hyosung 250 cruiser that we had. The styling is a little bit on the v-rod side without the lame ass headlight, and was a big bike for its engine, but was able to pull its weight. I’d suggest it to anyone looking for a decent bike without a brand preference.

  4. Chad, I also remember you always got rock star parking with it. I rode one a few time a thought it was pretty sweet for a smal displacment cuiser. It is much more solid then say a Virago (route66) 250 or that lame ass Honda Rebel. It also comes in bright yellow.

  5. OK….here the lowdown from a long time Venox owner.

    I have been riding for over 30 years and 5 years ago bought my first Kymco a blue 50cc Super9 for use here at the beach. Bought anouther Super9 for my son to use.
    Was so happy with the quality of Kymco that I then bought from a photo the Venox IN BLACK. Have gone over 30,000km. in 3 years with 0 trouble. I then added last year the yellow venox and have gone 9,000 km. with also 0 trouble.
    Everyone that see’s them thinks they are 750 + cc.
    If anyone wants to know more about this great crusier visit

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