Bajaj plans 2007 return to scooter market

Bajaj is returning to the scooter market with 75 and 125cc automatic scooters next year, followed by an automatic 150cc model. The company abandoned scooter production last year — including the historic Chetak line of Vespa-like metal geared scooters — as small-displacement motorcycles gained popularity in India. Now they’ve been caught in the middle of a worldwide scooter boom with no scooters in production and only one scooter model, the Wave, at dealers. Can a new Chetak be far behind? Will the new 150cc automatic bear the Chetak name?

2 thoughts on “Bajaj plans 2007 return to scooter market”

  1. Wow. I was surprised to read that Bajaj discontinued the Wave too. They are currently totally out of the scooter market.

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