LML: “One Italian, one Chinese and two Indian”

This slipped past me last week in one of the several stories about LML declaring itself “sick:”

LML is believed to be in talks with one Italian, one Chinese and two Indian companies and the talks will continue as the revival of the company is still sought after.

Genuine is surely sick of hearing LML conspiracy stories, but it’s just so much fun to come up with them. This story is as close to “Tom Cruise’s Baby” as scooter news gets, because anything could happen. Is Piaggio looking at LML? Is Genuine? Is Genuine working with PGO to take over LML? Is Bajaj considering LML (see the last story)? Hero Honda? Will the government rescue LML? Will LML employees set themselves on fire? Sure, the most likely outcome is that nothing will ever happen, but it’s fun to think about, and it kills any vintage scooterist to think that that assembly line could be sold for scrap metal tomorrow. (Thanks, John, for pointing out that important detail!)

One thought on “LML: “One Italian, one Chinese and two Indian””

  1. My favorite story so far, is that Phil McCaleb is going to buy the tooling from LML and then make P200s… Not to sure how thats possible… Rob Hodge can only work on one bike at a time, and I dont think he’s moving to India.. not to mention the fact that you cant make a 125 / 150 motor into a 200, but thats what someone actually says they think is going to happen.

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