Scooter tent!

Lambretta tentAgain, sorry we’ve been kinda slow here, it’s been a nutty couple of weeks. I’m taking the Blur camping this weekend, and while I’m not nearly as stylin’ as these two fine ladies and their Series I Lambretta tent (so simple even a woman can assemble it!), I’m looking forward to a nice long ride on the Blur. I’m really enjoying the Blur, and I have a lot to say about it, when I get time to organize my thoughts. (Thanks to Aimee for the link, the video is from the amazing British Pathe Archive.)

2 thoughts on “Scooter tent!”

  1. A few years ago Scootering did an article on the guy who developed the tent. I came across an old Mechanix Illustrated that had a short feature on the tent too. It was pretty weird seeing it in an American magazine from the 50s.

    John G and I have discussed putting it in an all-accessory issue of American Scooterist someday.

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