US MP3 due in early 2007, more “tilters” in the works.

Good news and bad news for American fans of the Piaggio MP3: Despite promises to deliver the three-wheeler by December, and reports that the American version will be unveiled to dealers at Piaggio’s October dearler meeting, CNN reports the scooter won’t arrive until first-quarter 2007. Worse news; it will sell for a somewhat-ridiculous $7000. The good news is the model described by CNN is the 4-stroke, 4-valve 250cc Quasar engine with electronic fuel injection (earlier reports suggested we’d get the 125cc LEADER version).

Piaggio really seems to be marketing this thing to — as CNN says — “those who are simply afraid of falling over.” I continue to suspect that while the MP3 is likely somewhat better-handling than most two-wheelers, anyone afraid to ride a motorcycle or scooter is going to feel just as terrified on an MP3 the moment the wheels are unlocked from parking position. We also wonder whether the MP3’s size and weight will further intimidate such people, or inspire car-like confidence.

Thanks for the link from Mad Man Maddox, who also points us to some other exciting three-wheeled vehicles in the works.

One thought on “US MP3 due in early 2007, more “tilters” in the works.”

  1. cool, i wasn’t in the market for a 125cc MP2, especially at 7000 bucks…

    but the 250cc MP3 for 7000 just might be doable…was hoping for a 400 or 500cc MP3, but the 250, if it can do a highway 75 mph would be a nice bike for me to go along with my 150cc stella for city riding…


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