Scooter Jacket Survey

David Wang and a group of students from the University of Washington in Seattle have prepared a Scooter Jacket Survey for a class, with the goal of using the collected data to design and prototype the ultimate scooter jacket, and to hopefully bring it to market. The survey takes about ten minutes, unless you spend another ten minutes adding your ridiculously specific demands in the comments section. 2sb wishes them the best of luck, hopefully they’ll come up with something close to the scooter jacket we’ve all dreamed of.

4 thoughts on “Scooter Jacket Survey”

  1. I have the perfect rally jacket. It’s called an Icon Recon.

    Just duplicate it without the orange highlights and make it available in olive.

  2. the Recon is too skinheady for me. I just want to sew armor in my Old Navy parka. Ryan’s Tucano Urbano parka is nice, but it’s too stiff and it was like six hundred thousand dollars.

  3. You should just sew armor into your parka. Visit newenough dot com for the armor and spend probably less than 50 bucks at a good seamstress. You’ll end up with a coat that you like plus actual protective padding.

  4. I’ve considered that, but my parka is falling apart (it’s from Old Navy after all), and the fabric really wouldn’t slide well. plus it’s too baggy so the armor would shift around too much. What I want is something more like Ryan’s, but a bit more flexible and not as expensive, ha.

    I’ve got my biker jacket too, that’s pretty good for riding, but I look like a rocker. I guess I need a leather parka with armor and orange LED’s flashing “BEEB” on the back.

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