Yamaha Giggle 50

The Yamaha Giggle 50 looks like a stripped-down version of the C3, which is due in America next year. The logo is kinda neat.

3 thoughts on “Yamaha Giggle 50”

  1. I don’t think it’s a stripped down version. I think it’s the same thing but maybe less US DOT junk.

  2. I was thinking the C3 was a 125, but it’s not, it’s a 50, so you’re probably right. The C3 (as you know, I’m just pontificating for the benefit of others) is the VOX in Japan… maybe this is just the VOX/C3 for the European market.

  3. It shall henceforth be known as the VOX/C3/TMV/GIGGLE. Now a 50cc 2stroke or a 125 4stroke would have been a much better idea. Of course, better ideas are hard to come by nowadays.

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