4 thoughts on “Teutels go west”

  1. I’m pretty sure this story is incorrect. The Teutels are opening a facility in Newburgh, NEW YORK, which is located, like all their previous endeavors, in Orange County New York. I grew up in that area. The writer is clearly confusing it with the better known Orange County (the “OC”) in California. Just another example of poor research skills.

  2. Ah, thanks, bbehanna… Good to see they’re not selling out… any more… than they already have, heh. Anyone that wants to do a reality show about a small advertising/graphic design agency, or a scooter weblog, give me a call.

  3. I thought that when I read Newburgh. I used to live in Highland Falls and that’s just up the road. Orange Co. NY is a weird place. It’s across the river from the rail and just too far of a commute from the city by highway so it’s kinda rural but with that sweet NYC jerk attitude. I hated it.

  4. Snarkiness is justified. There was a certain amount of local pride when the Teutles first gained national fame but that was quickly extinguished when it became obvious they were licensing absolutely everything that was put before them. Their a good example of how to quickly gain and then lose all credibility and respect in one’s chosen field. Also agree with Brooke’s assessment of Orange County; but my Mom still lives there so I’ll Leave it at that.

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