007 clogs Vespa searches

Actress Eva Green plays a character named “Vesper Lynd” in the new 007 flick, already misspelled “Vespa” by several news agencies. Not since Spaceballs was released on DVD have I randomly deleted “Vespa” Google News alerts without reading them first. Isn’t “Eva Green” sort of a better name for a Bond chick anyway? Ironically, Ursula Andress, who played Vesper Lynd in the original Casino Royale, posed with a Vespa 90 for a Vespa Calendar in the Sixties.

2 thoughts on “007 clogs Vespa searches”

  1. Because of the new Casino Royal I re-watched the Original. Damn that was a bad movie.

    Have they actually run out of Ian Fleming novels? I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this new film without images of Peter Sellers and Orson Welles set to Burt Bacharach ad nauseum.

  2. I think they ran out of novels in the Seventies, they’ve been working off short stories and post-Fleming novels ever since. I’m pretty sure Ian Fleming never mentioned a Silicon Valley microchip plot run by Christopher Walken, or nuclear weapons in North Korea in any of his novels. Every time I watch a post-Moore Bond movie, i promise I won’t go see the next one, then I go see it and get mad at myself. This time is different, right? that’s what I told myself last time.

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