Piaggio Group surprises from Milan

Just got the lowdown from Milan, and lots of photos, but it’ll take some time to make sense of it. Check back later tonight to find out about Piaggio’s new Carnaby; Derbi’s Boulevard S; Gilera’s Nexus 125, Stalker, and Fuoco; Vespa’s 50S, GTS125; and a surplus of yellow paint in Pontadera.

8 thoughts on “Piaggio Group surprises from Milan”

  1. tick fuckin tock, dude. I’ve checked back twice and bupkiss.

  2. is Gio your pet name for Piaggio now? That’s cool. trying to start a trend, you trend setter. I’ll start calling them P-Giddy and we’ll see who’s catches on first.

  3. I get it now. good story. But I bet it would be the other way around. He’d want a stalker and he’d get the maxiscoot. ‘Gee, thanks mom and dad. I’ve always wanted a Ford Taurus…”

  4. Actually, you’re totally right, that’s how it usually worked in my family. You’ve captured the true irony of Christmas, Brooke.

    One year I wanted a boombox, and my dad bought me this really nice JVC bookshelf stereo that hooked together like a boombox. It didn’t look like the proverbial “Ghettoblaster” so I was disappointed, but later on I saw the same stereo in the video for “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” and I was vindicated. It was a great stereo, it became my garage stereo when I got into scooters, and it got stolen from my garage on Marshfield a few years ago.

    Other examples: My brother Keith asked for a BMX bike one year and got this beautiful Schwinn beach cruiser, about ten years before beach cruisers were popular. He hated it.

    One year I asked for a frame pack like all my boy scout friends had. You could get one at Gold Circle for $30 but my dad bought me this Jansport with an internal frame that must have cost like $120 even in 1985. I’d never heard of Jansport and I’d never seen an internal-frame backpack before and I didn’t like it. Jansport became a household name a couple years later.I still have it, and even after 20 years, it’s still cooler than a lot of backpacks you see today.

    Hmmm. then there’s the sweet full-scale keyboard I got when I asked for a Casiotone “speak rufus, speak” sampling mini keyboard. Still got it, still works great.

    The Atari 800 computer I got when I wanted the 400 because it had that stupid flat-panel keyboard that was nearly impossible to use, but I was mad at those “regular” keys for a while…

    Boy, I was a spoiled motherfucker. I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

  5. Your folks are just technology pushing trendsetters. Must have been rough.

  6. That dessert fork joke never gets old.

    The irony of that irony is that for much of this period my dad was un- and/or underemployed and yet both my parents have/had some sort of Reagan-era aspirations of wealth and/or higher class status, so my Dad always went way over budget for Christmas (this was the same time we had the so-lame-it-was-kinda-cool Fiat Strada and the rent-a-wreck forest service police Ford) and so my mom was going nuts on him for spending too much while we were sulking about how our presents were twice as nice as what we’d asked for. I’m sure Milena will return the favor some day. Ah, the magic of Christmas. And you wonder why I’m such a big fan of Thanksgiving.

    That said, and in case my dad ends up reading this, let me be clear that despite the fact that my parents are ideologically opposed to me in pretty much every way, and often borderline racist, they are the most loving, caring parents anyone could ask for, and even in my youth i realized clearly that had they been some sort of trendy hippie-type parents that listened to the Beatles instead of Stan Kenton and Serbian folk music, I probably would have turned out all Alex-Keaton. I thank them profusely for influencing my life in innumerable positive ways and am eternally thankful for their unwavering support of all my endeavors.

    And, above all, thank God they weren’t evangelical Christians.


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