Piaggio redesigns design process

Powersports Business reports that Piaggio has selected a new product development system designed by Product Development Company of Needham, Mass. The system is currently used by 1400 vehicle and parts manufacturers. Piaggio will implement the PDS for all its brands (Piaggio, Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, and Derbi) at all facilities in Italy, Spain, India, and China. The system is expected to promote the use of components across product lines and facilitate collaboration among Piaggio’s 700 engineers worldwide, thus reducing development costs and bringing new products to market more quickly.

One thought on “Piaggio redesigns design process”

  1. I think the idea that more bikes will share more common parts is fantastic for everyone. Universality rocks/Proprietariosity sucks. Unless a single crucial part goes all rare-as-hens-teeth and all bikes are left up the creek without a paddle. But I’m sure those smart folks in MA think of things like that. I think when one large maker goes universal that the effect on aftermarket/non-OEM part makers will have influence on how other brands design things. It may not be directly related as they have had a previous relationship, but PGO oil filters on the buddy should be the same as the ones for the ET4. Now that shops don’t have to go through Piaggio the price has dropped and they are much easier to get all around.

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