Free “Scooter Babe” pattern from Crafty Planet

Crafty Planet scooter fabrics

Our good friends Matt and Trish at Crafty Planet are offering a special holiday deal for 2strokebuzz readers. Order any fabric (including, but not limited to, the 1 2 3 4 scooter-themed fabrics shown above) and get a free Sublime Stitching “Scooter Babe” Pattern now through the end of 2006. Just put ‘2SB ROCKS’ in the comments field when checking out and the pattern will be yours. Even if you’re not crafty, or not buying for a crafter, the Planet offers loads of great handmade gifts.

One thought on “Free “Scooter Babe” pattern from Crafty Planet”

  1. i ordered the two mod girl prints. i may have to make a new mix cd for everyone and sew up some covers! p.s. how you been?

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