IAAD/Yamaha concept scooters

Some really interesting Yamaha concept scooters designed by students at the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in Turin. (The names, “Street Player” and “Ploof” were created through a similar project involving Kymco and a third-grader in Atlanta.) Thanks to Mad Man Maddox, who sent this in October, whoops!

One thought on “IAAD/Yamaha concept scooters”

  1. The work of Tibor Juhasz that wasn’t commented on looks great. As does the other unmentioned entrant. Not as radical as the first two but better designs. The first clearly rips off the yamaha fuel cell scooter design. Almost to a T. The second is just too light on real function and the idea of adapting it to be functional require destroying that concept. If lack of originality and forsight were the criteria for choosing which designs to showcase then the made the right decision. For purposes of full discloser the Juhasz work is something similar to prototypes I’ve built myself so I have to admit I may be biased.

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