6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. :D – HAHA! Great family portrait! Did you put it on your holiday cards?
    Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to more great stuff from 2SB next year and I’ll see ya at Indi!


  2. Mmm-bop! Just kidding. I’ve got a charlestown chiefs jersey *and* that NoMeansNo hockey album, maebe we can rock that theme next year.

  3. Raising her as a Blackhawks fan? She’ll learn tradition. And futility. And what it means to have her dreams crushed.

    Happy hockey holidays ya’ll.


  4. Great portrait of the family! Makes me wish I would get our kids together and do something. Wishing won’t make it so though….

    Have a great New Year!

  5. Matthew, exactly, though the alternative was the Penguins, which is an even harder life. I’m lucky I work for the Blackhawks and I can pretend I don’t care about the Pens anymore.

    Steve, thanks!
    here are some outtakes
    actually, the original plan was to just shoot her, but we took a few family shots at the end as she was starting to break down and luckily one was good. That’s Martin Lapointe’s helmet, Kyle Calder’s yellow stick, and Jassen Cullimore’s blue stick, I borrowed them from work, along with all the lights, the backdrop, and the camera. So it just took a wish and a lot of borrowed hockey equipment.

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